Tuesday, 1 November 2011


There are things in life that we don't want to happen but we must accept. My great grandmother passed away today in Austria at the age of 92. 92, what an amazing age. How much life she was granted to see and experience. A great deep pain in the pit of my stomach and into my heart. Last year my mother and Oma went to visit her and I didn't get the chance to make it on the trip. After pictures appeared from the trip my gut wrenched at the thought that I may have missed my opportunity to see her one last time. I hoped deep within that I hadn't but now that truth has sunk deep within. It's one of the hard parts of growing up. Accept.The older we get the older the ones we love get. We only knew each other through photographs as I've said my life has always been split in two worlds as was my mothers. My Oma was a German and married my Opa Austrian and my mother a German and married my dad American. My mom said when she used to visit her she always had lovely little Vienna waffles in chocolate and strawberry and would go on lovely little walks with my mom and her brothers. She lived in this gorgeous yellow house that she still lived in to this day that my mom remembers sitting in the yard sipping lemonade as the adults had their coffee and cake and talk about the old times.  I used to love going through my mom's picture box to find little snipits of Austria and when she was a little girl looking just like drew barrymore in ET outside of this gorgeous house. Life is so unfair at times but yet it must go on. Accept. We must remember the good times and take advice given and cherish the memories.With a life lost I try and think of how many lives were born today.It's weird to think we will be Mothers and Fathers turn Grandparents to Great Grandparents to a face in a picture. Accept. It's crazy that if you think about it if it weren't for her I wouldn't be here. Life. My heart pains for my mother as the memories of growing up and good times play flash by like a film. I want to hug her and tell her it's all going to be ok. As I always say her spirit goes now one with the wind finding it's way around the world carrying on her secrets and memories like a whisper.
Pictured from left. My oma, My opas brother( who is the spitting image of my opa) my uhr oma and my mother last year in Austria. 

On another dull note I went to the eye hospital today and found out that I don't just have a little bit of dry eyes. I have keratitis which is pretty much inflamed corneas. 
I don't feel the need to go into as it only seems like needless facts now taking everything into account. 

Day 253 of 365:

New present from Hubby. I left mine back at my mom's and am always complaining about how I miss my converse. Thoughtful ain't he?

It's sad that sometimes it's times like these that give you a reality check to really cherish the lives around you. To take in every single moment and not to worry about small petty things that really don't matter. Don't get so carried away in life that you forget to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you or to drop an old friend a hello. Don't wait for life to happen. It's happening right now and it's not going to stop. Your dreams aren't going to be followed on their own. 
Accept that not everything is always sunshine and blue skies, but it's how you handle the storm that defines who you are. Take the pain and build off of it. Accept Life.

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