Friday, 2 September 2011

Ok SO I guess I'm really going to upload these. David is making me. I feel very embarassed and cannot believe I sound like this or even thought videoing would be a good idea.
Please don't mind my fidgetyness, hair twirls or when I repeat myself about 50 times.
I have just always wanted to do a vlog.
If you don't want to watch them, I really wouldn't be upset.
I'd actually be really really thankful, but I guess if your feeling blue and wanting a laugh here you go......

DIY Ombre Hair.

NOTE: It has faded since this a little bit and I'm getting more used to it. Still am not keen on how red it has turned out and I think I should have went down a little further with the dark.

Day 194 of 365:
So I finished One Day yesterday.
Probably one of my favourite books.
Which says alot if it beats Eat, Pray, Love.
I read most all of it yesterday and felt a wreck after going through so many different emotions.
I get way to attatched to books.
It's kind of embarassing.
Not as embarassing as the videos above
I'm trying not to think about it.
I should probably post this before I completely change my mind.
Although husband wont allow me not to.
We went to B&Q today and picked out some paint samples.
We are going back tomorrow to get the one we decided on.

Ok must click publish post before I change my mind.
Am I really uploading this?
Oh I feel sick to my stomach.
Oh no, here we go I guess.......

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