Friday, 9 September 2011

Good evening dahhhlings!
Hopefully everyone has survived the week and is ready for the weekend?
Any exciting plans?
The Adens are headed to Helen's for her birthday party.
Whoop whoop.
Super excited to see everyone as well. I've kind of been a hermit since moving into the flat, trying to get everything sorted and done up. It's one of my many things Tanja must work on.

Day 200 of 365:
 I would like to say I really can't believe I've made it this far.
200 days? I know its only a small simple daily thing but I am one who begins things and doesnt finish. I know we still have 165 days to go but I don't see myself giving up. Especially since I've made it 200 days.
I realize this looks like I'm scratching the back of my hair or what not but I just wanted to take a picture of my sweet elbow patches.
I'm also kind of addicted to blazers.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.
& Mom if your reading this... I miss you.

Take care yall, see ya tomorrow.

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