Friday, 26 August 2011

Oh my darlings, how are we? I must say I have missed you, but I did enjoy being disconnected from everything. We had wifi at a near by pub occasionally but only had my phone so couldn't do posts.
It was nice for it to just be David and I, no distractions.
Now I have looked at the honeymoon typed up.
I have decided to break it down into pieces. So today I'll blog about the first 3 days then tomorrow I'll do the following 3 and then the next etc.
I don't expect you to read it all.

Day 1 :
                So as we departed Manchester, I looked over at David; my now husband. Where has time gone? It seems just a mere days since I was on my way to Amsterdam with the girls for my hen do. Now I’m on a plane with my husband on our honeymoon. About two hours into our 4 hour journey David looks miserable. Oh I realize how that sounds but it’s because David needs sleep; and to top it off the seats are so crammed. David’s knees were practically touching his forehead. So we arrive and the minute the cabin crew opened the door, that humid warm air hit me. Ahhhh humidity. Here it will only last a week and is exciting, back home it’s there constantly. As you take your dog out, getting your mail, it waits for you in your car.  After we make it to the apartment David begins to figure out the air-conditioning and all the other manly electrical stuff, I of course immediately unpack my bikini and get into my element. Ahhh that familiar smell of Hawaiian Tropic. David decided to even come and give it a go. Ten minutes later I was on my bill again. Then we decided to venture out and get our bearings.  David and I walked and walked and walked to find somewhere that looked nice or even open. It just seemed everywhere was either closed, or the people inside were depressed or miserable looking. David and I were so confused as to what was going on.  Everyone had told us Pafos was a nice place. Had everyone been lying to us? We felt like there was something someone hadn’t told us or that we were the only ones outside of an inside joke. We walked about 3 miles til we decided to get some grub. David was in no mood for food he was actually quite upset and felt like he had let me down. I on the other hand was on vacation in a sunny place, I didn’t care. I knew I’d be leaving with a tan so I was going to make the most of itJ. (We later discovered that we came at the end of a two week Cyrpus like bank holiday where most places are shut . Thankfully we came at the END of that.) We then walked a bit further to like a cliff like area that viewed everywhere. We could see the McDonalds we passed at the very beginning of our trek and couldn’t believe not only had we walked that far but were going to have to walk it BACK. So we did. Days later we found out had we just taken a left from where we were our apartment was literally like a street away instead of walking a big circle the complete wrong way. Oh well we tend to get lost a lot, hence the reason my mother calls David " Griswald ". :)
(Snails were just glued everywhere. I thought this was such a cute little touch I just loved them.)

Day 2 (179 of 365):
David and I decide we will ask the lady in the apartment complex office of some ideas of where things were etc. You would think we’d asked for her to donate an organ or something bizarre.
David” Can you recommend anywhere nice to go or do?
Lady: “You asks me what you to do?”
Us: “Yes like what do you like to do? “
Lady: “Well I leeves here. When I go abroad I go looks around. I look up place before I go. You go uptowns and looks at the souvenirses  or tings.” As she looks out the window with disgust that we are wasting her time.
Us: “Oh thank you so much for your help. Have a nice day.” While thinking... or lack thereof help.
..... No response.
So we decide to just use this to our advantage and go and explore. We just go to the bus stop and decide to catch a bus towards Coral Bay and hope we make get on the right one.  As we were walking down the hill to the beach a nice local man gave us his umbrella and laying chair pass so we wouldn’t have to pay.  Scouse that. Then we headed back to the little village outside of coral bay for some grub. We have a problem of picking the first place we see and then later walking by somewhere that looks more appetizing. We catch the bus back to our neck of the woods then walk our daily hike back to the apartment. I took a little nap because the sun had literally melted my contacts to my eye balls. This as it sounds, is quite painful. We decided to head to O’Neil’s for a few drinks. Oh cocktails for 3.50? Don’t mind if I do.

Raspberry Colada

Day 3 (180 of 365):
Wake up and clean the apartment a bit, then decide to get my addiction fix. After David wakes up from his snore coma he decides he wants to give laying out a go.
1 minute in... “I can feel myself burning..”
2 minutes in..”This is not fun.”
3 minutes in..”Well that was good I’m going to go inside now. I don’t know how you do this.” LOL
I lay out a bit longer than we decide we will walk and catch the bus to the harbour. We are on a mission for some delicious sea food. We only realized last year when we were visiting Heather that we both actually really like it. Saying that, I don’t like things that still look alive or like they once lived. I like it to look like food if that makes sense? So we come upon one and then decide not to just settle for the first place and see what else there is. Has anyone seen the TV programme Idiot Abroad? When he goes to Egypt and they are like sharks trying to get you into their restaurant. EXACTLY like that. We after taking in our options, decide to go for the first place Theo’s. I order a seafood salad because on all the other menus that we had looked it it consisted of scampi, shrimp “prawns” and tuna like ingredients. So as I see our waitress heading our way I get giddy and anxious, almost drooling at the mouth. “Sea foods salad?” She asks. ME! She puts the plate in front of me and I literally almost couldn’t contain the projectile vomit that was forcing its way up my throat as I saw the contents of this salad. It had like tentacles all pink and purple, other rubbery pink like items, flaked tuna and like fresh not cooked shrimp. I asked David to please take the stuff and put it on his plate or something because it was actually making me sick in my mouth.
So after making a very wrong choice we decided to indulge in some of the most amazing ice cream.  Hazelnut and pistachio. I have tried to look up a word like delicious; delightful, lovely, wonderful, none of these even come close to describe how scrumptious it was.
We then hit up a little supermarchet and I invested in something that worked wonders. Dove Ultimate Conditioner. Wow!!!! Ok so it didn’t make my hair magically not frizzy or look like Elle Mcpherson’s but it sure did my hair wonders. Manageable.
Back to O’Neil’s it was for a bit of live music. It was really good and reminded me a little of back when David and I first started dating; my friend Lacey, David and I would go to Smoke and Barrell (one of my favourite bars) and listen to live music. Who knew two years later I’d be married to that man.  J As David and I walked home in the black of the night, breeze hitting our faces we just looked up in awe of life. Oh How gorgeous a clear summer night’s sky.

Handsome husband looking out at the Mediterranean Sea on the Harbour.

That ends todays Honeymoon posts.

Today I had a lovely day in Wrexham with Pam. We had a nice little lunch and coffee.
We are starting to really get settled into our apartment. Soon we should have internet and it shall also make for easier bloggage and catching up with photography.

New blog to hopefully be up and running soon.

Day 187 of 365:

My amazing travel journal that my friend Clare got me as a litlte wedding gift so I could write about my travels with my husband. It has really come in handy and I've very much enjoyed writting in it while I was away. Even if not all the details get blogged it will be nice to look back on one day. I look forward to the many things that will be put in this little journal.

I hope everyone is well and has had a lovely week.
As I said I've missed you my lovelies.

Over and out.

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