Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hello my lovelies. 
I really feel as if I've been failing you. 
It's not the first time either. 
Excuses are not cool but to be fair ( oh here we go..) it's been hard without having internet at the apartment yet. This week probably isn't going to be much better because as we are honeymooning I don't know what access we will have and how I will be able to get a photograph onto a computer? If this is the problem I may do what I did in Amsterdam but maybe atleast do a post it just may have to be picturesless and then upload each picture when we get back. Which, this really doesn't make me happy and I feel like it defeats the whole point. I am going to try my hardest to figure out a way to go about this. 

If you have emailed me or messaged me and I haven't responded. I am really working to get these emails back to you. Please do not think that I am avoiding you or am not trying to get back in contact. 

I am very excited to lay out in the sun with husband. 
Go for walks and look at ruins, all that jazz. 

Last night was really nice. We had a Blue moon and Pimms to celebrate. 
It's getting nice and cozy with our couches and bed all put in. 

Day 177 of 365:

One thing I must say I love about England, is that whenever you go around to someone's house they offer ya  a cuppa tea, or vice versa. It's just such a friendly little tradition I love it. Visitor comes in, the kettle gets turned on and the chatter begins. :) 

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