Thursday, 21 July 2011

Oh my gosh. The house is officially a wedding house.
There are crafts/projects going on in everyroom.
I've got like the best helpers EVER.
 ( Jim and Heather stamping and glueing. )
It was Heather's birthday today and she's been up since like 8 this morning getting things done. ANNNND didn't go to bed last night til 3doing favors.
The girls aka Pam, Mom, (which I love that our moms get along so lucky!) Heather and I went and did craft runs, Ikea trip and also what girl trip would be complete without a little starbucks run.
I think coffee is a MUST in planning a wedding.

David and two of his friends were working on music all day.
It's all really falling together and I am getting more and more excited the closer it gets.
( I would hope so... Might be something wrong if not ;) )

Like I've said... Doilies. I love them.
Don't like white ones? I'll do a DIY post on how to tea stain them, and give them a bit of  a rustic feel ;as shown above.

We barely had time to sneeak a littel break in and have some of Pam's gorgeous cupcakes she made in honour of Heather's birthday.
Ok stop licking your computer screen.

Day 151 of 365:

Me (lookey lookey.. finally no more roots.)and the Birthday girl aka the best maid of honour EVER.
No really... Ever.

I can't stop saying how amazing it is to have everyone around. All the laughter, jokes and good times make the build up even more special.

Although everyone has been trying to keep and eye on me because if I'm left alone to long I think of more projects. My mom and Heather have been scared for life today everytime I go OMG I have an idea.... and then run and test it out. Oh god love them.

Alright good night everyone.

It's almost a blink away.

David Aden if your reading this, I cannot wait to be your wife. I love you. I don't know how many guys would help out and do as much as you have in the process of planning our wedding.

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