Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey everyone. 
Seriously the days are like flying by. It seems as if just yesterday my mom and jim got here, now Heather is here as well. I yelled up the stairs yesterday just to make sure she really was here.
Its so amazing having everyone here in one house. Still some more to come and some missing but for the most part its fantastic. It's a really lovely feeling. I really wish Heather lived closer. Well I actually wish everyone lived closer. 

Heather and I have tested a bit of champagne today to decide which one we are going to buy. 
Well I'll go ahead and say a half a bottle in and I am a bit merry. 
I think being so happy about everyone being here plus champs... great times. 

We still have 3 bottles of cider to down as well for the bottles. 
Heather and I are on a mission. 
Proud of me though for blogging before 11:30. hahah

Wedding Wednesdays:

As I was getting my hair done I thought I would ask Michelle (our amazing hair beautician) for a few tips. 

Brides shoudl wash their hair the night before to remove any product and so your hair can settle down. The biggest mistake brides make is to do something completely different from their day to day life. If you wear your hair completely straight, smooth and perfect dont be to daring because you might feel self conscious. 
Brides should have trials until completely happy and be honest with your hair dresses. This is YOUR big day and you need to feel beautiful. 

Sleep in your conidtion a few times a week in the weeks leading up to the big day. 
Get a good trim a month before the big day. 
Make sure your color is tip top by getting it colored about a week or so before the wedding. 
Frame your face and play with nautural features. 
If you are wearing bold make up, don't have a bold statement hair because you'll look like a mess. You'll look like a drag queen. 
As we take a trip back in the past, Vicky said not to do anything bold though. To go for a more natural look. 

150 of 365:

Life is good : )

7 days till I dos !

Holy cow how time has passed.

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