Monday, 25 July 2011

If you could see me right now you would see my ear to ear grin.
Soooo I woke up today to change the chalk board to 2 days till I do's and it hit me like Oh my goodness it's like... TWO DAYS!

We had some coffee and Heather went with Jim( father in law to be) to go and pick up my dress as David, mom and I went and picked up Oma.
It was so exciting picking her up at the airport and how real this is starting to feel.

After we brought Oma home and had our coffee, cake and a little chat, David and I headed out to run a few errands. When we got back Heather suggested that we go out to eat tonight and after that things started to be a bit dodgy. By that I mean that, any suggestion of doing anything was shot down and people seemed to be talking when I was out of the room and then dead silence when I'd walk in.

David then mentioned after we went to sort out our honeymoon plans we had to stop by some Rainhill church parish or something along those lines to make sure we are registered to get married or some bollocks like that. I was so confused thinking why do we have to go to a church to get registered when we are having a civil ceremony and they specifically make sure no religion is in it. I thought man things in England are weird. I mean I'm fine with going to a church but it just seems a bit controversial.. I dont even know if I spelt that right or if this story is even going to make sense because as I am sat here, my mind is going crazy thinking of the list of things to do before I go to bed. So bare with me please and try and piece the pieces together because it's probably one big ramble..... Sooo we sort our honeymoon stuff out and head to the church and I say to David once again how weird this is that we have to do this and the fact that we are doing it two days before the wedding. Then I start panicking thinking is this something that should have already been done? Is this going to cause problems? My mind starts to go 90 to 200 again of the list.... We walk in and I vaguely look through a window on one of the doors we are about to enter. I see something that looks similar to my name...Then I see that says Tanjas! There is someone else who has my name? Then I read the rest.... BRIDAL SHOWER.
The water works begin. I walk in to see tea cups, bunting, cup cakes, scones, sandwhiches, tea cups, and loads and loads of more little details. Mother, Mother in law, Heather, Oma, Erika (whom I thought we were meeting at Dinner.. I'd been stressing about how they were going to get to dinner and all along they knew they were surprising me...) and loads loads of friends and David's family. I was in uter shock. Pam, Heather and David have been planning this behind my back for months. There was an amazing little memory board that had all pictures from I was a little baby to now.

I would get all emotional and mega detailed but yall my fingers hurt because how fast I'm trying to type this because Heather is in the other room getting things together and I'm in here blogging. This doesn't seem fair by any means. Especially since she's not only been going out of her way to completely help me out for every little detail, and also planning this little surprise tea party for me.

There was a lovely little toast Pam made where I began to cry before she even started speaking. Then everyone chanted speech speech speech speech after we toasted. I kind of began to hypervenilate thinking of the utter thought of standing up to speak in front of all these ladies. The thought of public speaking makes my throw up in my mouth a little. My heart is pounding in my chest just thinking about it. I took a moment went to the rest room with Heather to catch my breathe. Went back in and thuoght I'd just say something since I was already stood and it wasn't completely silent. Then the minute it got quiet I thought what the heck am I doing? How am I even going to express my gratitude to all these lovely ladies who have made my life a complete fairy tale. It's unreal to me to think that all these people took time out of their lives to give me a bridal shower amongst tons of other things.
I would really go into a mega shpeal of how thankful I am and try and say something personal about everyone but y'all... I've made this as long as I possibly can I can hear poor Heather in the wedding room packing things away. I really need to go and help her I'm sorry.

I'll try and go back into detail of all the little details after the big day.
 Day 155  of 365:

Ok sorry guys... off I go.

Once again thanks to EVERYONE who has come into my life.
We will do special shout outs after wedding.
bye !!!

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