Thursday, 16 June 2011

Today hasn't beeen much easier.
I still miss him but I'm one day closer to being his wife!
God I am so cheesy its unreal and a bit pathetic.
The key point is admitting it though ;)

Going to have to be a bit of a short one since its so late!
Hung out with Helen tonight who's boyfriend Peter is at David's stag.
We do miss them!

Helen is one of the many amazing friends I have made here in England. I knew from the very first time I met her that we would get along quite well. Even though oddly enough we've only just in the past few months really started hanging out.
On David and I's engagement party(over a year ago) I got a wee-emotional and overwhelmed becasue I had only just really met most of the people that had attended and I admitedly enough was still hesitant to new friendships.
I didn't know what to expect or how to initiate conversations. So I did the awkward be silent stand by David's side move, which David had never seen this side of me because we'd always been around my friends. I came across as snobby and rude because I wouldn't talk to people, but they now know I am just awkward in certain situations. Thanksfully we are all wayyyyy past that stage. I'm sure some of my friends wish I would take it down a notch as too how in your face I can be once I know you.
Annnnyways got a bit carried away there..... On our engagement night it dawned on me that it was all these new people; and although in the future would all play such an important role in my life, I missed home. I wanted my mom to be there so bad. I will say it a million times I am so thankful I have the mother in law I do because it could be so  much worse. She's really made me feel loved, but you know sometimes you just want your mom. Well I had a little breakdown about home in the bathroom and Helen had noticed me going into the ladies room and she came in and sat there with me. Mind you, we'd just met about 20 minutes ago.
It was just so sweet and genuine. Helen and I have gotten alot closer;along with many of my English friends, whom I'm all equally thankful for.

Day 116 of 365:
I've just realized that I've done the past few days in black and white. It's a bit too late to change it now so tomorrow I'll be sure and add a bit of color into the blog!
Here is us trying to keep ourselves busy while the boys are away.
Today is also Peter's birthday. Happppppppppy Birthday P!!!

See yous after awhile crocodile.

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