Monday, 27 June 2011

Oh just a day like any other day it might have been for you.
For me it is 4 weeks til I am Mrs. Aden.
In all excitement it actually started out as one of those days.
It was mega hot and I just had a bit of a paddy because it just really made me miss home.
I just wanted to talk to my mom and I wanted to be poolside sippin a large cherry limeade slush in happy hour from Sonic. Then chewing away at the amazing ice that sonic provides. That lingering smell of Banana boat sun tan oil even hours after you've showered.  Jim giving me a hard time because no matter how long I lay out his hard working rear will always be more tan than me. I miss my mom's laugh that passes through the house and fills my soul with happiness.
I miss driving with the windows down sun roof open in my Mini, Modest Mouse through the speakers.
With all of that though, my mom and jim will be here in two weeks.
I like that as much as I do moan and bicker about the cold weather, it makes you appreciate the warm days that do come. I like that walking is an ordinary thing around here and as much as I loved driving at 16 I don't feel comfortable when I look over while driving in America to see 16 year old me driving. I miss lots of things at home but if I were away from here I'd be missing this home as well. It is what you make of it, so after my little paddy waddy today I phoned my mom on skype. Ofcourse this made everything better and I had my quick moment of stress about everything coming together, which was quickly relieved by a bit of chatting with my mom.
Then to top that relief we had a little sentimental moment with David's parents tonight that really touched my heart. I cannot wait to officially be apart of this amazing family.

Day 127 of 365:

I'm not giving up, Pam MUST start her cupcake business.
We will be having a sweet table at our wedding and my fingers are crossed that in addition to some of my mom &oma's German goodies some of Pammycakes cupcakes will be on that lovely table.

Oh my gosh the house just smelt of this amazing fresh strawberry mix that Pam was using.
WOW is all I have to say :)

Hope everyone had a lovely day. -Tanja

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