Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hola Compadres!
Ahhhhh it's so nice having David home.
He's so good to me, he bought me a Casio watch that I've been oogling for AGES, a few bracelets( you know the woven and braided ones, and a nice over the shoulder bag with really neat pattern on it.
Also that something that my mom tracked down has arrived at hers today. She sent me a picture and they look FABULOUS!! I can't wait for all the little details to come together. Especially those I do's.

Wedding Wednesday:
I just wanted to go over attire alittle bit.
Brides if you are on a budget or even fancy a bargain is a really good place to have a look. They have some amazing wedding dresses for some pretty good prices.

Now a subject I'd like to touch is grooms! Grooms; you may think that it is just the bride's day to shine, this is YOUR day as well. More and more people are scared to think outside the box.
I'm talking bow ties, floral ties, checkered ties, vests, suspenders the list goes on and on. Stand out from the crowd.
Image from Pinterest but I found it on Simply bloom photography.

I am also a MASSIVE massive fan of the Groom to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen. Be that he wears a dark suit and the others a lighter or vice versa, it not only makes a statement but looks great in photographs. If you think about it, the bride isn't wearing what the bridesmaids are wearing so why should the groom follow the sheep?
Think bright and bold colors, even if your wearing the same suit why not wear a checkered top underneath, or a bowtie while the rest wear ties. Also men, let's start getting into the fitted suits please and thank you? Just like men wanting to see what a womans figure is, the women wanna see the men. So show it off, don't hide it under a big baggy oversized suit.

Day 122 of 365:

Finally, he's home. Oh how I've missed him.

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