Sunday, 12 June 2011

guest blog: memories

Hello, everyone! As Tanja is still having the pre-nuptual time of her life, we have another guest blog post for you. My name is Kaitlyn Lee (you can find my blog here). Tanja is one of my dearest friends, and I am so happy to get to do a little post for her :). I was trying to decide what to post about, and I decided to share something kind of personal. So, here it goes.... my favorite Tanja memories.

1. When Tanja and I first started in hanging out (we had worked together for a while), it was actually because we had both entered into these ridiculous long distance relationships at the same time. We would sit and talk at a local coffee shop for literally hours. Through these little coffee dates, I got to know Tanja really well over a short period of time. We were pretty much inseparable after that! (that is, until she left me and moved to another continent, but whatev. :))

2. As she has mentioned, Tanja worked for a very talented local wedding photographer named Erika Dotson (check her out!). One of my earliest/most fun memories was this fun shoot we did with Erika that Tanja styled. We got to be so goofy, and it was a total blast!

3. Last summer, Ty, David, Tanja, and I traveled to Jacksonville to visit Tanja's cousin, Heather. It was so much fun. We literally have so many funny stories from that week. I cannot think of that trip without smiling.

4. When Tanja and David visit America, we always have such a good time together. Ty (my husband) and David  hit it off so well too, which makes it even better. Here is one of the more interesting moments of their  Christmas visit that was captured on camera.

5. My wedding- Tanja and David flew in to celebrate with us. Tanja stayed with me the nights leading up to my wedding day. She laughed with me, calmed me whenever I got stressed, and was the first person I showed my wedding vows to. She was amazing, and that week would not have been nearly as special without her.

Tanja, I love you and David so much and could not be happier for the both of you. I cannot wait to join you in England and return the favor. Who knew that those crazy long distance relationships would both end like this?? (Actually, we did!)

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