Wednesday, 29 June 2011

How is everyone today?
I have caught some kind of a cold. It was weird, because it came and went in one day!
I woke up literally feeling of death and throughout the day it just got better.
When I am sick back at home I usually when not following my mom everywhere around the house like a sad puppy dog hanging onto her, or laying in her bed am snugged up on the couch watching brain washing television. My mom usually brings me a coke slushie! I remember when David and I first started dating and I had been ill and in the middle of the night I was like I know what would make me feel better; A COKE SLUSHIEE!!!! David being the gentleman that he is went, not knowing where to really get one he drove round gas station to gas station trrying to find one for me. :)
That's really a pointless story I'm sure it sounded like it was going somewhere. lol I am a bit disappointed because my fingers were typing faster getting to the end and then when I just typed the period at the end of the sentence it was like womp womp that's it? That's all I have to say? hahah.

Wedding Wednesday:
Along with the grooms sticking to tradition, let's break some traditions with the bridesmaids!!
From having floral prints, to mixed prints, to color palettes.
Having your bridesmaids in the same dress? Why not let each bridesmaid stand out by accessorizing to her own style. Its a very fun organized yet thrown together look. Plus these girls are your bridesmaids because you love them for who they are right? Why not let them still be themselves on your day! It is your day ofcourse, but if the bridesmaid doesn't feel comfortable in what she's wearing it may come across in pictures! Go crazy with these!!

I love the polka dots! It's such a different feel to bridesmaids, and very vintage.
In the second one you can see what I meant by the shoes!
Thirdly this is my best friend Kaitlyn's wedding (theres me :)!) she had us all pick out what we wanted as long as it was yellow! It was so much fun when we all pulled out our dresses to see who brought what!!

Here's a fun and daring way to approach bridesmaids dresses!
GO for a color palette.

Day 129 of 365:
Soooo sooon to be :)

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