Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh what a wonderful way to wake up this morning.
I came down the stairs to see our very first mailed RSVP envelope in the letterbox!!!
I shreaked with excitement as I ran back up the stairs and jumped up and down into the bed that David was still sleeping in "OH MY GOSH OUR FIRST RSVP OUR FIRST RSVP. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. "
 We had already received one from a friend when I handed them out the other night but this was like mailed out and pushed through the letter box. You must excuse my over excitement, as I've stated before I have felt over the past months I'm just living in some dream world but now it's like reality and it really is happening. :)

Tonight I attempted Zumba, key word there attempted.
Don't get me wrong it was fun and what not, but it would be alot more fun if I had known what the heck was going on. It most classes they go over the moves with you before you do them.. She would just start a song and then go with it, not only that couldn't see her for the life of me. I am not going to give up on it though because I think once you get the hang of the moves it's really fun. I like a bit of jumping, pelvic thrusting and fist pumping.
It's a bit of spice to the boring usual work out that I've been finding myself a bit tired of lately.
All this leads me to wishful wednesdays:

So remember my stinky feet post? If not, I'll get you up to date. I have a FAVOURITE pair of tennis shoes that I have been wearing since I was in high school and I just can't find myself to part with them. Would be fine if they didn't smell like I had gone to the zoo and walked in all the animal housing toilets and then ran a marathon. It doesn't help that I refuse to wear socks. I hate hate hate socks. The stinky feet WAS ok because it was only AFTER I took my shoes off that my feet smelled but the other day I was on the treadmill and I began choking because the smell of the shoes was lingering. I almost stopped my running to have a melt down. I have another pair of shoes but they just arent the same.
So I am on the search for a new pair of loves. These look quite my style and look pretty comfy as well.

Day 87 of 365:
I am really digging the thinned out hair. It's like having a haircut but the hair is still long.
I even can put my hair up with a pen!!
Normally it takes a thick hair band(or as they say in england "bobble") to wrap my hair in a bun.

I didn't say it was like a prom updo. Yes it's only a messy around the house quick fix but still an accomplishment that I never thought I would be able to do with my rapunzel hair minus the length.

 I must also add folks, I'm a little heart broken at the lack of blog loving I am getting.
Are there any requests on what you'd like to hear more of? Or less of? (other than not using some sort of version of exciting)
Please please please tell me someone other than the 5 people I know read this are reading this.
Have a wonderful day.
Check back tomorrow!!!


  1. i better be one of those 5 people!!! because you know i read you every day :)

  2. i read!!
    and i feel your pain about the lack of love haha


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