Sunday, 15 May 2011

Last night was such a fun night! Vicky my friend who does make up brought her big make up kit and did makeovers on almost everyone, while Emma painted finger nails. We consumed lots of wine and cider, and had lots of good laughs. IT was pretty much just a prime example of how much fun we will have on the hen do, we were missing a few though. 

Also as I was short of time yesterday I didnt get to give a little Congratulatory shout out to my mom for graduating with her masters. I'm so proud of her! She didn't listen to those who told her she couldnt make it or get it done. She worked full time, studied endless hours and was a perfectionist when it came to homework. All of the hard work paid off now she is going to get qualified for her National Board Certification.
Mom your a star. I love you and you looked so cute in your cap and gown. I'll just photoshop myself in the pics and it will be like I was there.

Today I finished off the batch of invites we had left so we can send the rest off tomorrow. 
Other than that its just been a chillax kind of day. 
Still in my robe and we are now watching Pirates of the Carribean.

Day  84 of 365:

I took a very refreshing bath today with cut lemon and sea salt. Very invigorating if I do say so myself.
Nice way to energize one self, but don't stay in the bath too long or you will become tired!

Have a lovely evening.
See you tomorrow!

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