Monday, 4 April 2011

Today weather was a joke. I don't know who decided to bring the rain into this. I'm not liking this weather remix what so ever. Soo I stayed in the house today like a miserable moaner with a bad case of the Mondays.
Buuut, just before I began tonights blog I got an email from Sarah at Hello love meet design with a draft of our wedding ivitations. Oh my gosh I can't even wait to send them out. They are fabulous. Sarah is such a talented person she dabbles in graphic design, photography, art and is also an amazing make up artist.Sarah is a dear friend of Kaitlyn, she was her maid of honor and also designed these little cuties for Kaitlyn and Ty's wedding.

I mean how adorable? I cannot wait to show you what she has in store for us! A little hint theres owls, and I LOVE OWLS!!
In this case I am so thankful for technology; thousands of miles away and a click of a button and we have our invites.

Day 44 of 365:

 I've already read this book once this year but I was bored today and stumbled upon it. I loved it so much the first time I read it, I thought like a good movie you watch over again, it should be read again. Quite possibly again and again after that.

Break out the wellies and don't forget your brollies.

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