Monday, 25 April 2011

Today Pam and I went to Chester for a Food festival.
Lots of different varieties of food vendors and suppliers. We went last year and I can't believe it's been a year. Just such an assortment of food from ice cream, flavoured nuts, loads of sweets like turkish delight and licorice, all types of burgers from osterich to kangaroo, cupcakes, Thai, Malaysian, German, Italian and French food. I'm sure I've left something out. We stopped by one of the German stands and I ordered Pam's salami in German from the man. It was kind to see that sparkle in his eye when he heard a bit of home in my voice. I know that exact feeling. I will soon be speaking it none stop only time I'll actually even speak English will be when I'm on the phone to David. Then I'll come back and have to remember how to speak English again. haha.

I think it may rain tonight which I kind of hope. I love sleeping with the window down and listening to the rain. Oh me oh my I don't want it to rain like it's been raining back in Arkansas though! Kaitlyn sent me a picture of Gregg street in Fayeteville and it looks like a lake in the middle of the road! I hope everyone back home is coping! I mean I'm sure all the students are excited since school was canceled!

I've noticed myself kind of losing the blogging touch. I will be quite honest I'm in a bit of a writing rut. I hope you will still be faithful to me and stick behind me while I find myself some inspiration. I also wish that none of you are too bored with my posts. They are lacking that uumph. A bit of something. How will Tanja get her groove back?

Fingers crossed.

Day 64 of 365:
Only taken with my phone. Does anyone have the hipstamatic app on their iphone? It's fabulous and I love it. I really need to use it more often.

Have a great day, hopefully YOU haven't gotten a bad case of the Mondays.
Check back tomorrow :)

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