Monday, 18 April 2011

Today I just took a moment to just listen. Take in life. You hear the mom down the street giving a shout at her kids to come in for lunch, hear the bee as it buzzes by to find its next source of nectar. The little butterfly who has fluttered by showing her pretty colors after leaving the cocoon. Listen as you hear the wind whisper by you and feel as the sun touches your face. Let all your worries go just for a moment and take in life. How lucky we are as human race to be part of something so wonderous. To experience as mother nature changes and the earth keeps spinning. Another year another season. Life doesn't stop it's always going. One life lost another life born. Live the life you love, what's the point in doing something you hate? Life is what we have. Possesions do not go with us when we leave. But we leave moments and memories behind. Make those memories worthwhile.

99 days till I'm Mrs.Aden!

Day 57 of 365:
 Yes I am 23 years old and still eat ants on a log. Ahhh childhood. I don't know what I would do if peanut butter wasn't in my life.

Check back tomorrow!!
New website up soon!!

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