Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oh my I feel ill.
I haven't drank in awhile and well. It definately has caught up with me today. Last night celebrating Alex's birthday was a blast(although Dave was in work so he didn't get to partake :( ) and I think she really had fun. It was good to see all the familiar faces and have a few laughs.

A polaroid from last night of my friend Kerry and I. Isn't she gorgeous? I looooved the dress she was rockin. Actually all the ladies last night looked fabulous.

Another of Mark, Carla and I.
I fell asleep in Alex's parents bed, before you get any ideas. Her parents were away. I woke up this morning in a nice big bed, when I walked out the room and looked to my left. In the ironing room was my friend Emma and her boyfriend Dan on the floor.  Haha They got the short end of the stick. I don't know why they didn't either kick me out of bed or Emma didn't atleast jump in bed with me.

Tomorrow is Easter.Your probably thinking no crap thank you for stating the obvious, but that's what I do along with over using all forms of the word excite.
It's weird it's the first easter were my mother isn't going to hide my easter basket. How childish am I? I know some people who's parents still do childish things for them and they are ashamed. I'm the opposite. I thrive off my mother and I's antics.  I feel like a parent who is sad her child is grown up except I'm the child and I'm sad I've grown up. Although last year I was grown up and still had the Easter basket hidden from me before I moved over to England. I know it's silly but it's just something between my mom and I. I mean I guess she can still hide the basket and can just carry the computer around the house while I tell her to open cabinets and drawers. I think I'm on to a brilliant idea here, the futuristic easter basket hunt.
I am also a bit sad I won't get to see my almost 2 year old nephew look for easter eggs. He's so cute I miss the little booger.

Day 62 of 365:
Remember this guy from my wishful wednesdays post last week? Well I gave in after Vicky used it on me yesterday and went into town today to purchase. I thought I was just going to go to the counter in John Lewis and say Hi I'd like to buy this make up. WRONG. Who knew she needed to know what kind of mosturizer I use, what I use to prep my make up and a load of other questions. Then she asked if I use fake tan on my face, I said I try but each time fail so I think I've given up on it. So she perks up and is like Oh let me show you something. Grabs my hand and puts some sort fake tan make up something which to be honest I couldn't tell you what it was because she was talking and it went in one ear and out the other. I was so confused because I didn't remember asking for her to tell me about the whole Clarins line or beauty tips. I know that's awful of me but it's just like c'mon lady just came to make ONE purchase. It wasn't like I was dodling around the counter not knowing what I wanted to buy. I came in with a mission. Atleast she did put 3 sample mosturizers type stuff along with my purchase that was also 10% off. Score.
My friend Mark and I did alot of people watching while we were in town and had a pretty good laugh to ourselves. We were trying to find something for him to wear to the wedding. We did not succeed.
Now my husband to be looks a bit bored and I believe I'm going to give him a little bit of attention since he will be in work all day tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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