Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Owl love you forever.

Hi y'all! Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday. The lovely sun was out again today so my day has been fantastic. I worked on my bridal bouquet and it's really starting to come along. I'll post a picture soon to see as it blooms.:) It's so nice because I never have to water it and the flowers will never die.
Tonight my gym partner and bridesmaid Emma went to a Keep Fit class that our friend Helen teaches. Was really fun and upbeat. I love when the music starts going and you can hear everyone moving their feet to the beat. Now that I can't really feel my legs anymore I'm just resting and sinking into one of my guilty pleasures... Dexter. Anyone out there watch it? It's so addicting!! Only thing that could make this better would be if David wasn't in work and would be watching it with me.

Only 7 days and I will be back in Arkansas, which means only 17 days and I get to see my gorgeous best friend get married. I'm so happy to be a part of the day! Not only am I lucky enough to be one of Kaitlyn's bridesmaids and do her hair I get to take her bridal portraits and day after wedding photographs. How amazing is that? Many of you might not know but I met Kaitlyn working at Forever 21, it was an instant click. As our friendship was growing we both starting dating Ty and David whom concidentally enough both lived quite aways away. This really brought us closer together because most people thought we were silly doing the distance, but we both knew it was well worth it. Ty and David also used to visit us around the same time frames as well so we both were a leaning shoulder for each other when they left. We always had a routine of going to Common Ground a little coffee shop nearby and go over our exciting times with our loves. When I decided that I was going to move to England a little earlier than planned Kaitlyn was the one who was more excited than anyone I know ( other than my mom and Heather ofcourse). Some of the people who I thought I was so close to were some reason mad at me. Or told me I wouldn't make it out here. It just goes to show in your time of need people show their true colors :).

So long story short I'm sooo happy to witness this beautiful thing we call love.
Then shortly after I'm getting married :)))) Which is coming so close! Next month it will be a year ago I moved over her. Time really does fly.
148 days until I do.

 Kaitlyn, Ty, I, David and Heather.
You know... Just me and my loves this summer in St. Augustine.
Reunion this summer in good ole Liverpool.

Day 10 of 365:
It's a webcam shot because my camera battery is charging.
Just me, tea, and dexter  :)

Good night everyone. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
See you tomorrow.

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