Sunday, 13 March 2011

on the go

Hello hello!
Do apologize it's been so short I've been so busy and on the go. This visit home is going to be nonstop stuff to do.
As I mentioned yesterday I shot Kaitlyn's bridals. Oh my gosh her mom and I were helping her put on the dress and once she slipped in I started to tear up I had to change the subject just so I wouldn't cry. She looks AMAZING! The dress is so perfect for her. We had a real fun girly day and it was so gorgeous out but not too hott. PERFECT!
Last night Ty and Kaitlyn came into town to surprise David at the airport. They kind of sat around the corner on a couch so when David and I would come around the corner we wanted to see if he would notice.:) He had to do a double take and then realized.

Ty and David investigating the Beatles records David brought for Ty.

I swear my cat thinks he's human.....

Sitting on my nephews little couch, like its normal.

Then about an hour later he moved over to the computer chair. hahah. He's so weird.

David and I are about to head back up to Fayetteville for a Double date with Kaitlyn and Ty.
I don't want this week to go by too fast. I'm hardly even going to see my mother. I can't believe we leave already next Tuesday. Sad times of growing up can't vacation forever. :p

Day 22 of 365:


Take care see you tomorrow!!

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