Wednesday, 9 March 2011

cup o tea

Chello mateys.

How is everyone? I'm knackered to all end.
I have completely forgotten time change and I didn't get today's post in on English time so tomorrow I will make sure and post it before 6 pm here time so it still counts on both sides of the pond.

Yesterday was such a long day my goodness! Lucky me though I had 3 seats to myself on the big flight from Manchester to Chicago. It makes a great deal of a difference I must say! Was like having a bed.
Here is a pretty sweet picture from the plane.

This just goes back to how much the world really blows my mind.
Like literally speechless. Buh.

I must say I do enjoy flying though. Like when you start to decend through the clouds and it looks like a lego land below it seems surreal and then everything becomes more colossal and the world as we know it is once again real. I am a people watching addict, I really am. It's so neat the whole concept, everyone headed somewhere. Are they coming or going? What was the purpose of their trip? Happiness? Sadness? Hellos or Goodbyes? Where is Home? Every single soul as they walk by you are in their own world; whether they are engaged in conversation or accompanied by silence, there is thought going on up in their mind. Just interests the heck out of me.

I love that feeling when your at your final destination and your walking through your terminal, that anticipation just coming over you to see the person on the other end. I can't help myself but kind of run each time. My mothers gorgeous face smiling as we make eye contact. Little girl home again in momma's arms :)

We ofcourse stayed up to wee hours talking endlessly last night. My mom loves me so much she took a personal day today from work and we went shopping and doing girly things. She keeps making fun of me saying that I've turned English, we got home and I immediately had to have a cup of tea. ME a cup of tea. NEVER thought I'd say that, I tried to fight it for so long but in the end just can't resist. My lovely mother in law packed me a little care package to bring with me of things that I like back in England and my Dilmah tea was one of them. :) Ahhh I must say I already miss David. How pathetic am I? He will be here Saturday I know I know but I just miss him.

Now lets just fall into today's picture
Day 18 of 365:

Remember that procrastination of packing...? Same thing of unpacking... I think tonight I will just sleep like this. I'm sure it's comfortable. haha.

See you tomorrow.
A bit earlier, less jet lagged, and unpacked.

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