Friday, 4 March 2011

Bits and Bobs

Ello loves,
How is everyone today? I had a very splendid day with the mother in law to be Pam. We went to Hobby Craft which I must say is a bit of a joke compared to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but something is better than nothing I always say. We treated ourselves to a cadburry cream egg, then headed to Sainsburys to pick up Nutella for a cake I am making for Paul and Gemma; they are having a little get together tomorrow evening. We also then decided to treat ourselves to something Pam has gotten me addicted to; Licorice. I prefer Strawberry and Pam likes traditional so she says " Oh we will get a bag each. :)" then this cute owl man in the aisle chuckled and said "Don't ever say ya mum didn't get ya anyfing." I like a bit of shared humour with random people.
After we've been home, Pam realizes we have forgotten onions. So I just try and make her feel better by saying well it wasn't like we really went for groceries we just went to get Nutella. Then she looks at me and says... Did we even get Nutella? I laugh and say no actually I don't believe we did, but we got our licorice. It's just a bit funny that the one and only thing we went in for we didn't even get but came out with lots of other bits and bobs.

Had a lovely day, like I said yesterday I ever so lucky to be marrying a man with such a spectacular family. I wouldn't be able to be doing my photography if it weren't for Pam. She's really helped me get it started. I will forever be grateful.

Day 13 of 365:
Our mouth watering dinner or as the English would say "tea".
Since Pam and I's dietary intake for the day was filled with what it was Pam decided to make something to make us feel better. Nice and Healthy :)
There was a bit more on my plate before I remembered that I'd decided earlier on I was going to be taking a picture of our lovely food.

Salmon, Shrimp (once again as the English would call them "prawns") Asparagus, Mediterranean Vegetables and some Cous Cous. ( The food so nice they named it twice.) What film is that from? Any takers? I know my friend Emily would know this one for sure.

Have a terrific evening and I will see you tomorrow.

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