Sunday, 27 February 2011

Retro Sundays


We could'nt have asked for a more lovely weekend or more perfect friends. We went and ate a meal at HaHa Bar and Grill at the Albert Docks which was delicious. Then we headed to a motown like night club called Heebies Jeebies. On our way we saw some crazy things which consisted of a woman with a 7ft white Marie Antoinette wig.

When we got to Heebies we were dancing and having a good time and then all of a sudden like getting smacked in the face with a concrete wall; it came. The worst smell of all, a guy who clearly forgot to put on deoderant before he went out. It was absolutely awful; felt bad because maybe he genuinely did forget or he just had danced his life away.

Today we woke up and went into Liverpool for a wander around and then headed to LEAF; which is the most amazing place EVER, for "Retro Sundays" Vintage and Retro Fair. It's like a little fancy bistro place that has this amazing space upstairs that has floor to ceiling massive mile high windows, old wooden floors, cracked painted walls, and framed mirrored detailing. Massive leather coaches were spread out all over as well and you could order your food downstairs and they bring your food up so you can partake in the fair. They have the coolest table numbers, it's a bottle with fresh flowers inside it. Brides-to-be this is a fantastic idea to add a bit of spice to your tables:)

Well I ofcourse I took my camera and was taking pictures of the amazingness going on and the sweetest lady  from PILLBOXVINTAGE approched me and said that the photographer they work with hasn't been showing up and if I would take some pictures of everything going on. Ofcourse I jumped at this splendid opportunity although all I had on my camera was the kit lens.=/  Then afterwards in return she said I could pick out a vintage silk scarf from her stall, which made me very happy.  Here are a few pictures from the event.

Aren't they stunningly beautiful?

"Poppies Handmade"

 Soooo cute!! By Poppies Handmade


I went to take her picture she did a cute laugh and said I look like Elvis. A very gorgeous Elvis I might add.

That's probably enough for now. After eating the most spectacular lunch we have ever had and witnessing time travel we headed back home. This is where our sad journey came to an end. I hate good byes.
I was very sad to see them go, Emma is just such an amazing person and we really have the same views and perspectives on alot of similar things. Being friends were her is easy, there is no thought about it. We also share the weakness for sweets as we both witnessed today when we spotted the super cool sweet shop SUGARCANE.

Day 8 of 365:
Now I realize it's supposed to be a self-portrait but I didn't really set rules on what my 365 photographs were going to be so here goes. As we were walking in town we turned the corner onto Bold Street and beautiful music instantly hit my ears. As we walked further the music got louder and I spotted the source of this amazing melody I saw this man. I instantly knew I wanted to take his picture, he just had something special about him. I don't know if this is just me but have you ever made eye contact with someone and it's like you can almost see in their soul (I mean this in the least creepy way) but like you can see a kindness in him that you just wanted to know everything.

Hold onto truth because you never know when it will turn its back on you. Hold onto faith you never know when you might need it. Hold onto hope for no one can have enough. Hold onto your dreams and never let anyone tell you your dreams cannot come true, because anything is possible even if it doesnt last, or its not what you wanted.. but it still happened and anything is possible. Hold onto your past because its what has made you who you are today, dont necessarily dwell on it but never forget. Hold on for life as you are so lucky to still be alive. Hold onto your future for at the end of the day your past can hurt the present confusing and the future is all you may have to live for.

I hope everyone had a weekend to remember.
Have a good night and see you tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness. I want to be here, a retro fair?! I'm dying :)

  2. oh brittany you would have looooved it!!! it's the last sunday of every month. Sooo just get your cute butt on a plane and ill take you :)


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