Sunday, 8 January 2012

Leap of courage

Do you ever have an article of clothing that just sits in your closet? You liked it in the store but when you got home you just couldn't figure out how to wear it or maybe you feel it doesn't look the same now in your mirror? This skirt is that article of clothing. I've had it for a few months now and I loved it in the store and I love the look of it on the hanger. I don't know how many times I have gone to put it on and then take one look and decide maybe the midi skirt just isn't for me. I'm remotely short and I feel it makes my short legs look, well even more short. I see other girls wearing them and I just love how they look. I'm in this predicament a lot.  So today, I took a leap of courage and wore it. It's just an outfit at the end of the day isn't it? I actually liked it more than I ever have. I'm far from being a style guru but just wanted to say if you have something staring at you in the closet. WEAR IT. You'll feel good about being courageous enough to be bold. I did anyways.   
I preferably would wear it sans tights but seeing as it's a bit burrrr outside I decided to take the road of warmth.

I clearly can be quite akward in front of the camera so I have one signature move that is my safety net. The arm on hip  move. Very blasé I know. I just am a massive fan of mustard yellow and this green cardigan was given to me by Heather this summer. I've hardly taken it off. 

I started watching Zooey Deschanel's New Girl. Oh I love it. It's so funny. I have always been a big fan of Zooey and her quirkiness. She's not everyone's cup of tea but I find in a fake filled world she's pretty true to herself and the roles she plays. She has an amazing voice as well. Is anyone else watching this show? What do you think? 

Day 320 of 365:

I love ribbed tights in the winter time.
Today David and I went to a Vintage fair in Liverpool. Was very good times although no such look in the finds. I found one small brooch for an upcoming project. I did find a smashing 60's style dress but unfortunately it didn't fit and it was the kind that couldn't really be altered. 

Now seeing as we are on a Zooey Deschanel kick today, 500 days of Summer it is with husband. 

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  1. You wore this skirt and styled it so well! You go girl!


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