Sunday, 18 December 2011

Whoa what a day. Took a nyquil last night woke up this morning still ill but I wasn't going to let sickness get in the way of me and my german market. Especially if I'm not having christmas with my mom. So got ready and Scott and Clare picked us up and we were Manchester bound. Oh my goodness it was amaze balls. I was like a kid in a candy shop. literally. I have a dirty little secret as well. AS some of you may possibly know I don't really eat meet. I occasionally eat chicken for protein and if there is no other option but other meats. 
I probably haven't eaten in a good 4/5 years. 

EXCEPT for when I go to the German market and see German Bratwurst in a proper semel( proper bread type hot dog bun). I just cannot resist. It just reminds me of growing up and just shopping in the cold in Germany stopping at a little bratwurst stand for a little treat. I thought I was going to be able to resist today but I just couldn't it. I miss home and comfort of it. By golly I'm eating a bratwurst. Letme tell you... OH MY GOD it was so amazing. I tried to eat it slow and savour it and also not think of what I was actually doing. lol 

Naughty naughty. 

We also got some lovely coconut macaroons (which I plan on making this week maybe), roasted nuts, David had mince pie and Scott had some liquorice. Clare and I also tried to help our sore sick throats with some Gluhwein. Oh it went down a treat.

We bought lots of christmas prezzies sorted and also just had a nice christmas style day without too much busyness.

Then after that we headed towards Helen's Dance Show for Christmas. It was amazing. I just can't put in words how lovely it is seeing her with those kids. You can just see how dedicated she is and she just never stops. She also dances in a part of the show and it's fun getting to see her in action as well.
I know it's cheesy but I'm so proud of her. She's gonna be such an amazing little momma one day.

Day 299 of 365:

I must leave you now and go to bed. Nyquil, Vicks vaporub, my pillow and I have a date. Hopefully will be tip top again tomorrow.

Oh coconut macaroon you are so warm and delicious.

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