Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas all. 
Or as they say in Liverpool.... "Merry Chrimbo"

How has everyones christmas been? Were you naughty or nice? Did you get lots of goodies? 
Are you stuffed to the max? Did you eat unnecessary amounts of chocolates even though you probably could unbutton your pants right now because you can't breathe as you reach for that next piece? Because I  sure had an amazing christmas, I was nice and got lots of goodies, I literally almost popped and still ate more chocolates, and no half of chocolate santa's head isn't staring at me right now wondering where the top half went. Or is it? Ooops there goes the computer screen my button has just popped off. 

Oh golly gee it's been a lovely one. Although I have been LITERALLY so homesick that I was bed rotten for like 3 days. I have managed to enjoy it. 

Yesterday I woke up and put the sauerkraut on cook. Baked some more cookies, which was really unnecessary but seeing as our gym manager "Genuinely appreciate your continuing membership. We will be raising the prices in the new year and we hope that is alright with you. Merry christmas. " I guess I will make the most of Christmas cookies. 

I had a lovely Skype date with my mother. 
Then our friends Helen and Peter came round for gift exchange, well Helen came over for gift exchange Peter came over for a fifa match with David. Lol 

Then it was time to start preparing the meal as the In-Laws arrived. 
The aroma of sauerkraut was in the air,  wieners were cooked the bread was warm and tummies were grumbling. It went down a treat. 
Next, we opened presents like you do on Christmas Eve. Well, like Germans do. 

We didn't open them all just a few as you know, combining traditions and all. 
The goodies were out and the wine was flowing. 
Good byes were said just as fast as Hellos came again. 
Clare and Scott arrived for present exchange. 
Time  for drinks, headed to the pub.
Caught up with a few friends. 

This next part I don't think my mother will believe. 

I woke David up this morning by playing christmas music throughout the house and dancing merrily through the bedroom.  Yes I Tanja Maria Scrooge Once Heffner now Aden, not only chose to play christmas music but also danced and felt all warm and fuzzy. I think it may have to do with I know how much David loves Christmas music. 

We had a little chill and then headed to Pam's for Christmas number 2. 

We opened prezzies, skyped with Paul and Gemma who we miss so much and are jealous as they are soaking up the sun on their honeymoon, had a traditional christmas meal where you wear these paper crowns, and pop crackers. Oh the meal was delicious. 
Then we watched a great christmas film. 
Maybe you've heard of it? 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? 
It's no National Lampoons Christmas Vacation but I'll settle for Harry P anyday. 

Now I am about to Skype with my mother again and David is playing his new Fifa. 
He'll be loving it next week on his new tele I bought him :))))). 

Day 306 of 365:

A few of my lovely presents :). Some baking necessities, warm tights, my wish list zara boots, handmade scarf (Pam), zara jeans, French film, a key chain that looks like a bird cage( which were part of our wedding deco) camera cell phone cover, starbucks gift card, amazing art mugs from Metropolitan Museum, Fossil owl wallet, a recipe box, fingerless gloves. I'd say husband and in-laws treated me well considering there were more things that didn't fit in picture. Now I can't wait for mommies box to come in the mail. As David would say here... Only child syndrome.

Yippeeeee :) 

Yes we are this tacky. Hey, it's our first year married what better way to mark the occasion but than a cheesy portrait. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and to all a good night. 

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