Friday, 2 December 2011

Hello how is everyone today? I'm pretty good, trying to stay warm with all this cold weather. I have a big wooly knit cardigan on. Ahhh comfort.
I thought I'd post a few Winter Must Haves that are on my list.
Look at some of the prices! I must say by far H&M is so fantastic!

H&M Knitted Scarf £6.99/Topshop Black Dress£46/H&M White dress £14.99/Asos Loafers £30/Dorothy Perkins Velvet Dress £20.70/Warehouse Strapless Dress £30/Topshop peacoat £45/Peacocks Pussybow dress£22.40/Dorothy Perkins Bowling Bag £35/H&M Kneehigh Boots £34.99/NewLook Platform Boots £ 24.99/ Zara City Break bag £29.99/ H&M Two tone Tights £7.99/H&M Short Flared Dress £7.99/Topshop Velvet Dress £68

Last night went to see My week with Marilyn with Pam and Michelle. Oh my gosh it was marvelous. Michelle Williams was aboslutely captivating. It settled the fact that my obsession with her is growing even more. I want to watch it again and again the fashion was to die for. What ever happened to the finesse of being a woman? Seems with time the make up got heavier and the dresses just keep getting shorter and there isn't much left for imagination. Don't get me wrong I've worn a short dress or two but I still would hands down go back in time and live in those days of elegance. The composure of being a woman, always dressed to impress. I am falling short of words to construe how much I adore the simplicity of living back then. The world didn't seem to be in such a hurry and you were able to appreciate the finer things in life. Such as going to the circus or magic or even a play. I am just rambling sorry, I just admire everything about those times. Ofcourse times were tough with war and everything that came with it. Not everything is black and white but you get what I mean. I think anyways? If you could live in any time of the past what would it be? Why?

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