Sunday, 13 November 2011

Howdy. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was nice and quiet. David didnt work today so I got to spend alot of time with him this weekend which is always a plus. Today we woke up and the three of us just watched youtube videos in bed. I love stay in bed days.

After the gym I had a little skype date with my mother which is always a lovely little treat. It's so nice seeing her face and hear about things going on in her life. She's such a hard worker I am beyond proud of her.

Then a few friends came round and we attempted a twilight night which just pretty much turned into watching The Cube, Xfactor and Celebrity Juice. Oh gotta love crap television. Then we just sat and watched Luna as she went nuts running around the house. Helen keeps her shoes on as she's scared Luna will attack her. :p
My legs look like I've been riding a bike and fallen. She really likes climbing on us. Which as adorable as it is. Is quite painful. My arms look like I am a cutter.

This week is exciting. We've got RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, Father in Law's birthday, My birthday(not so exciting), Gemmas bridal party( which means following weekend is WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!!!!!)and Breaking Dawn comes out. We've already booked tickets and everything how excited we all are.

Now I must leave you as my adorable little family and I go to bed.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and no one has a bad case of Mondays!

Day 264 of 365:
Random fact I absolutely hate plucking my eye brows but I unfortuantely suffer from caterpillar brows. I am thinking I need to sit and just tackle these guys. David isn't gonna wanna be seen with Bert off Seasame Street. 

Good night my dears. 

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