Monday, 21 November 2011

Hello Everyone! How was your Monday? I went back to work today. Seeing as I will be working Full Time now and working in an office I finally decided to attempt Kendi Everyday's Working Closet tips. It was so helpful and I am so glad I did it. I got rid of alot of items that have just been sat on hangers looking at me knowing I will never wear them. I pre-styled outfits for the week and also put 2 extra outfits for those days when the others just don't work. I organized my pants and also my tights. I also tried to style and restyle each outfit with 2 to 3 different shoe choices. I am thinking about taking Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge as well. 

Pam being the sweetheart she is baked me some little owl cookies for my birthday. She even wrapped and tied it all together. But the owl's were naughty. As you can see with the photos below. 

One took a bite out of the other and then the other one bit back.  

While cleaning and organizing Adele Rumour has it and I was thinking about how long ago that blog post was and what how much I loved 23. 
Went home for the holidays, was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding, began blogging, friendships blossomed, went on a surprise trip to Amsterdam with my friends for my hen do, David Graduated from Uni, had my family over, planned a fairytale wedding and married David, went on our honeymoon, moved into our flat, got our Looney Luna, saw Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few of the flashbacks. 

Now for 24 I have a few things I would like to do before 25. 
1. Begin Sewing.
2.Learn to drive in England or atleast attempt it.
3.Do more video blogs.
4.Make more implulse decisions/less second guessing.
5. Get another tattoo.
6. Get my ear pierced.
7. Give knitting another go. Do not give up or get upset. "If at first you don't suceed Try try again."
8. See more of England.
9.Respond to emails when I read them.
10. Try and be less insecure and more open to my wardrobe.
11. Take a weekend trip with David to somewhere neither of us have been before.
12. Open Etsy shop.
13.Take dress making course with Clare.
14. Create a better website.
15. Decide whether we are going to keep living in UK or move to the US.
16. Write down more of my baking recipes/ make recipe book.
17. Become better at Yoga/Pilates.
18. Decorate our home more. Be more ogranized.
19. Take David to Weiden, Germany.
20. Run a 5k marathon. ( I know it's not much but its a start)
21. Volunteer more.
22. Listen to more random live gigs in town.
23. Take more film photographs.
24. Live each day as if 25 may not come. 
Day 272 of 365:

I wanted todays picture to be of Luna but I couldn't decide which was cuter. 
I just love her. I feel bad now leaving her on her own while David and I are in work but I guess nothing you can do about it. Don't think work would like if I brought a kitten to sit on my lap. Nahh.. 

Right I must shoot off as I have a mini skype date with my mother. 

Only 5 days and Gemma becomes and Aden. 


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