Friday, 28 October 2011

Hello there my lovelies. 
How are we all doing on this fine Friday? 
Doing just fantastic here. I am loving the convenience of short hair. It took about 5 -10 max to blow dry it. 

Below Before and After pictures from yesterday.

My hair feels so much healthier. We went safe with cutting it just a bit longer than I wanted just so I can transition into the mega shortness. I am loving this length but am still very thrilled for a bit shorter. 

Day 249 of 365:

We've just been using my hair as humour around the Aden house. Here you can see my husband and his Dumbledore-esqe beard while in a deep thought. 

Somehow we've let Helen and Peter talk us into going to see Paranormal Activity 3. I'm already on the edge I am so scared. I am scared of just walking from the bedroom to bathroom in the middle of the night. Why oh why I am doing this to myself I will never know. I'll probably have to have David wake up and go to the restroom with me in the middle of the night like my mom did after my best friend made me watch Candyman in the 3rd grade. 
Do you like a good spook? Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? 

Toodles for now. 
As if I have just said toodles. 

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