Wednesday, 26 October 2011

To cut or not to cut.

Hello it's me again. Well duh who else would it be? Let's not talk about the match. :( 

You'll never guess what I'm obsessing over. If you guessed it has something to do with hair your correct. 

I just think I'm on this ever ending search for a style I like. I do like the ombre but I never like wearing my hair down or even in a pony tail gets on my nerves. 
I've been obsessing over pixie cuts. This isn't a new obsession I'm afraid. I've admired it for a few years now but never have I ever had the ballocks to do it. Forgive my français. 
I mean come on though who doesn't want to channel their inner Audrey?I have come to the acceptance my hair just wont get long and it wont be silky shiny no matter how many conditioning treatments I put on it.

I am absolutely in love with Michelle Williams hair as well. I think the combination of her blonde hair and the perfect crop just look stunning. She's probably my favourite. (Sorry Audrey)

Now the next person I'm crushing on David for some reason isn't a fan of but I have to include her in the pixie love.
Carey Mulligan.

I've always thought she has a very precious face. She officially caught my eye when she was the cover on Vogue.

Now my next little shout out is a must. She inched her way into my heart as Hermoine Granger. 
I would never cut my hair this short, but I just think she suites it so well she had to make the list for her courage to pull off this crop.

I have been wanting a short hair cut for as long as I can remember. I feel like the time is now to experiment and have fun. Who knows what tomorrow could bring. Do the things you wanna do now. I realize this is just something as simple as a haircut but I feel if I can be as carefree and bold to do something I've always sat and wanted to do. Maybe that will bring another boldness to follow many more of my aspirations and dreams. Be the change you want to see. It's a small step but hey it's a step. Maybe the haircut will be just the haircut I've always wanted and will become my all time favourite or maybe it will make me look like a boy and I will hate it but I will have done it. 

Maybe I've fallen from the cuckoo's nest and am just rambling cack but heyho. 

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