Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 222 of 365:

So it seems that I am back again today for a late cameo appearance on the blog.  I am struggling to think of what to write.  Just as I have thought about what I am going to write, I've realised that one of the differences for you American readers is not what I write but how I write it.  I won't take full credit for this idea, I'm currently watching Fry's Planet Word. This fella is a genius!!! Proper genius. If you don't know him google, youtube and or bbc iplayer anything by him.  It's all so interesting.  This show is all about how we talk in the world and the differences between accents and languages.  Which I know Tanja found confusing as well as everyone not from England when they realise the amount of differences within our accents, even if we live 5 minutes away from each other.  Which also leads me to say how jealous and envious of Tanja I am that she is bi-lingual.  For everyone of the readers that didn't know your favourite blogger, can think in both German and American, and also speak of course.  As stated about Stephen Fry. THINKING IN TWO LANGUAGES!!.....Genius! 

This is scenic image taken by Photography By Tanja (get a sly link in there).

From what I am gathering from the picture. This is the countryside and that is maybe a horse. Or something horseshaped and sized. Just as I am wondering it, just been informed it is in fact a horse.

I hope that these few days that I am dictating for my wife I have kept the high standard up. 

Nil Satis Nisis Optimum.
Later lids.

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