Saturday, 23 July 2011

I seriously really really try to blog before I only have 20 minutes left but there seems to really only be so much time in a day. Days have never flown by so fast.

The list is thankfully getting smaller though.

Tomorrow our amazing photographer Erika gets here, then on Monday our last special guest is my Oma.

In town today running a few errands. Wedding related ofcourse.

Day 153 of 365:

David and Heather are working on place cards at the moment.
Take a little peak at this one....

Yeah it's crazy weird I know. As I keep looking at this picture while I am typing this it is dawning on me that I am going to be Davids wife in a mere 3 days.
How time has completely flown by.

I can't wait for the big day but I don't want it to end. I want everyone to stay and never leave.
I love my family and the family I am entering.

Everyone has been so helpful, above and beyond and things wouldn't have gotten done with out you. Thank you for putting up with my little moments of overwhelmness, and that I was that far behind before you got here. Thank you for making things happen.

I love you Mom, Jim, Heather and Pam. (Ofcourse there are others who have helped in their ways..) You guys have been life savers this past week, David and I will be forever grateful that you were here for our big day.

Good night everyone.
3 more sleeps.
wow that's crazy.

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