Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hi folks, me again!
Today was FABULOUS!!!!
Soooo gorgeous outside! I started the coffee and decided to have a lay outside. 
If you know me, I can literally lay out for hours on end. 
Today I was about 5 minutes in; 3,400 thoughts later, and I was back inside. 
I just couldn't lay outside while knowing inside were things waiting to get done, and this wasn't going to happen. Soooo as much as I like roasting like a chicken in the back garden, I took my priorities and headed inside to get started. 

An hour or two later when I went to refill my cup, I saw the sun was still ever so shiny and the garden looked so welcoming. I thought it would be rude, not to go outside. So I decided to combine the two. Crafts and sunshine what a combo :). 

I'm gradually getting a nice little color. Which makes this bride more than happy. 
David and I went for another nice run today. As much as I love running with my iPod, I just love a bit of nature. It was so nice and quiet and you literally just get lost in concentration of your feet hitting pavement, breathe in breathe out and repeat. 

Day 133 of 365:
Oh my where oh where have the days gone? 
David and I had a little beer and cider with our dinner tonight. 
I loooooooooove Koppaberg! It's so yummy. I only bought one because if I would have bought anymore I would have drank them all. It goes down like juice, but I am trying to cut alcohol out of le diet. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 
I'm off to try and get a few more things done on my weekend check-list before the week begins. 

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