Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Well hello there.
How is everyone today?
It's not going to be a long post because David has been in uni allllllllll day and will be in all day tomorrow til pretty much right before I leave so I would like to spend a bit of time with him.
It was so warm today I walked to the shops and then also went for a run. Almost got hit by a car but I'm all in one piece. This morning as I was sat outside having my morning coffee, my glasses slipped down. I looked up and it was like a completely different world. I remember the very first day I put on a pair of glasses and the world was like this beautiful painting that I hadn't even noticed. The trees had leaves? Who knew! It's crazy how each of us have different eye sight. My mom is <insert young age here>(29 in her mind ofcourse) and she can see 20/20. My eye sight is so bad it's not even funny. I'm so thankful for the eye sight that I do atleast have and the ability to have a prescription. I can't imagine not witnessing such a beautiful world.
Life ey.

Today in exactly 3 months I will become Mrs.Aden.
Time is flying by. Seems like just yesterday that David proposed. Will have to tell you about it in a blog post someday! 

Wishful wednesday:

1. I know it's a far stretch but its WISHFUL wednesday. Ohhh Vespa you are so beautiful. Can't you just imagine me riding this down some little alley way in Italy? How cute would David look on the back of that. haha. 2. I've been itching to jump on the Vans wagon. I just love the way they look they have that chunkier than a Converse look. 3. Is it wrong that I want this Cath Kidston bag as a camera bag? I think not. 4. I've seen lots of picnic baskets that I really like but this one is just so cute. I found it on ever checked out that website? It's got fabulous little unique things! Great for gifts.

Now cant you see this picture? David on the back whilst Vans wearing Tanja is driving, camera in bag around the shoulder and our picnic basket in Davids lap.
Oh what a Wishful Wednesday.

Remember how I said I took my camera to shop yesterday? Well they couldn't fix it. This is where having a soon to be brother in law that is a nano physicist comes in handy. He came over after work with this little toolbox like thing, plugged a lamp in and went to work on my camera. Ten minutes later VOILA like brand new :)

Day 66 of 365:
Although my camera is fixed, I had already taken todays picture with the phone.
I got a package today from my best friend slash bridesmaid Kaitlyn today. I had asked for her to keep an eye out for some doilies. Kaitlyn has a knack for finding amazing things. Now to put these to use for the wedding. :)

This time tomorrow I will be arriving  in Germany!!

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. omg, i think i NEED that bag- as do you

  2. so cute isnt it? she has a blue polka dot one as well that i adore.


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